Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nurse Diane is Dreamy

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This cake was commissioned by my office manager to honor Diane an amazing RN who was nominated for an award for our State Dream Team for hospice. Hence the cloud cake with nursing supplies. 
Clouds were made from my homemade marshmallow frosting.  All the decor was edible and created from fondant. The cake was "Dreamsicle" Orange cake, vanilla buttercream and white chocolate mousse filling.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Katie's WitchKrash

Katie's family loves to have parties to celebrate everything and of course Halloween is a favorite. I made this 8"- 3 layer cake with three flavors (Katies idea), she wanted the inside to look like you are cutting into a candy corn. Top cake was Orange Creamsicle, Vanilla white velvet and chocolate fudge on the bottom. 

All the decor was handmade from fondant and royal icing.  It was a 10 hour project; a real labor of love.  

Monday, October 21, 2013

K&S 1st Anniversary Cake

 Happy first Anniversary to my two best friends.  Kevin wanted to order a cake to take as a surprise for Sheryl, on their anniversary trip to the coast.  I received a text around 10pm Friday night that she was indeed surprised.

This is a caramel apple cake with homemade apple pie filling and vanilla butter cream roses.  It is only a 4"~3"~2" cake and stood about 8" tall. I made 17 shell pink gumpaste roses and dusted them with bronze pearl dust. It only took me 4 hrs to make the flowers. I was getting a bit faster toward the end.  Well worth the time for my BFF's.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Haddie's Cupcake Birthday

These cupcakes are all strawberry with vanilla mousse cheesecake filling and a Swiss Meringue vanilla buttercream.  The giant cupcake was Haddie's smash cake made of banana and strawberry mousse filling.  All the candies and cherries were handmade from fondant. My favorite decoration to make was the embossed ribbon and the curly 1.  So cute!!

There is a story behind these sweet cakes. I finished all the decorations and all the cakes were ready for frosting, so as I was in the middle of whipping the meringue we LOST power. I had to text the slightly frazzled baby mama who ordered the cake that there is a minor challenge and I will have it there by 3pm no matter what.  Sooo, I live in town and I called all my relatives around Rogue River to find out who has electricity. No answer from anyone, so I packed my half whipped frosting still in the bowl still attached to my Kitchenaid and took it all for a ride to my Mom's house 2 miles away.  No luck; no power! Then just before I left Mom's house, I got a call from my niece who only lived 1 mile away and she said she has power!!! Wahoo! I ran over there, jumped out of the car hugging my beastly kitchenaid in my arms with a pound and a half of butter and Voila!  Swiss Meringue vanilla buttercream was created. I zipped home, texted party mom with details and finished the rest of the cakes by candlelight. Wheewww! Just in time....

Baby Haddie enjoying her Chunky Monkey cake. 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Don's "Couch Tater"

He doesn't really wear a mask, I was being discreet.

The cake was a 4-layer vanilla chocolate with chocolate chip mousse filling with white chocolate ganache.  I then covered it with chocolate fondant to make a microsuede couch. Doug is an Oregon Ducks alumni, so I added a few collegiate pieces to personalize his cake a bit more.

It was ordered by a co-workers friend for her husband. She told me all the elements she wanted on the design and I asked for a picture of the couch, dog, husband and cat.  I expected a few different photos and what she sent me was all inclusive. This is the photo they sent minus the mask.


Doug Crusin' to the Coast

From my best customers at work, this one was ordered for my co-worker's Corvette crazy husband. I loved carving the road and creating the trees for the this cake.

The entire cake is chocolate with caramel syrup and a chocolate mousse filling. All the decor is made from fondant except for all the cars. The sand is white cake pulsed in the food processor mixed with raw brown sugar.  In case you couldn't tell the corvette is doing a donut in the sand and the police are coming around the corner I wonder who their after?

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Patty Cake: Under the Sea

This darling cake was made for Katie's Aunt Patty. She wanted something beachy, serene and elegant "Like my aunt" she said.  She found one similiar on Pinterest and we added a cute crab to personalize it a bit.

This cake is a 3 layer cookies and cream cake with real cream and crushed chocolate cookie mousse filling. The cake was crumb-coated with vanilla buttercream and all the edible decor was molded or hand-sculpted from vanilla fondant. My favorite element of this cake is the fondant waves.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Daisy Gail


Finally I get to make a daisy cake, it turned out pretty. Katie bought this one for her Mom who loves daisies. I loved it so much I made a similar for my own Mom whose birthday is today.
The cake is a 3 layer Chai Spice layer cake with vanilla cheesecake filling with vanilla buttercream frosting. The daisies and stems, and leaves were all hand-molded from fondant. Everything is edible on the cake, I hope Gail likes it as much as Katie does.


Saturday, August 31, 2013


I had the privilege of making this 1st birthday cake for our dear family friends; The Skinner family.  I made a  10"-double layer chocolate cake with nougat and caramel filling as the base for my Dino cake. The dino was made eggless and was the smash cake for Robby's 1st birthday.  The fondant chevron border was my first attempt at this shape and turned out okay.  The colors for the party were so bright and cheerful.


After watching the video I believe the little guy devoured his special vanilla cake and I happened to notice that Shauna or Derrick put the fondant dino birthday hat on Robby's head. Too funny!

Miniature Dino hat on his head have you seen anything cuter?

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gavin Surfin' Monkey

This was commissioned for a young man Gavin whose birthday is in April but he likes to wait until the Summer to celebrate since he loves the sun and season so much.  His generous Auntie Loree, ordered this cake for Gavin with a tropical theme.
This cake is a double layer chocolate hexagon filled with dark chocolate  mousse and covered in vanilla butter cream. The sand is leftover vanilla cake crumbs and mixed with brown sugar.  The top cake is a 3 layer Chunky Monkey banana cake with mini chips and filled with chocolate nougat.  All decor is edible amd made with fondant.  The wave on top is sculpted from RKT and covered with gumpaste for stability.  It is all frosted with vanilla butter cream for the waves.  I created Gavin buried in the sand relaxing under edible palm trees with gumpaste and fondant.  The monkey was handmade from chocolate fondant and his banana board was cut from fondant and hand painted.  

This by far is my favorite boys cake I have made, my favorite creation has to be the monkey and Gavin in the sand.  The palm trees were a bit fussy but I do think they turned out great. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013


This cake was ordered from my friend Linda for her grandson Collin who wants to be an inventor.  His dream is to customize an RV that runs entirely on solar power. 

This a 4-layer hand carved chocolate Milky Way cake covered in white butter cream frosting. The wheels are made of RKT covered with black fondant. I created a logo with his name embossed on the side that reads "Collin Coach".  The license plate is a famous quotient made of fondant. A graham cracker was covered in fondant and decorated to look like a solar panel.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Camp AnnieHailey

This was made for one of my co-workers for her granddaughter's. She chose a camping theme since she will be taking her girls to celebrate their birthdays at the lake.

This is a layered chocolate and vanilla gluten-free cake. The frosting is vanilla bean buttercream and the tent is made with homemade 
 gluten-free rice krispies treats.

My personal favorite decor on this cake is the tent, it was fun making it a marbled pink and purple camo. The girls were a fun task too. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


The real work is in the clean up! Yuck!!
Doug's Afternoon Delite
Better leave the climbing to the Samarai!
This cake was ordered from my most frequent buyer Katie for her step-dad Doug's 70th birthday. She wanted another lemon layer blackberry cake. I made lemonade cake, filled with lemon cheesecake and organic blackberry preserves.  The 70 cake on the top was hand-carved from strawberry cake covered in vanilla buttercream.  The frosting for the bottom tier is lemon butter cream, dusted with graham cracker crumbs.  

Katie chose several elements that personalized the cake: The samarai Doug tows behind his RV, a ladder which must have been an inside joke involving possibly an accident, dirt climbing in the wilderness and Doug himself, slurping a highball and smoking a cigar as he enjoys one of his favorite pastimes, floating the river in his personal raft. We even included a tiny squirrel which was another family secret enjoyed between Doug & Katie. A cake like no other. Katie reported after the party that the kids all ate the trees like lollipops and had tongues of green for the rest of the night. [Cakers couldn't ask for a better compliment then that!]


I must confess that I had help from my sister, Sandy with this one, she needed quality time with me, so I put her to work (not that either of us think creating is work). I did bake all the cakes and handmade all the fillings from scratch. Katie and I designed all the elements of the cake. Sandy's claim to fame was the Samarai and most of the other fondant decor.  I was spending most of my time sculpting Doug and creating his vices.  I also made a miniature RV that replicated his motorhome, but it wouldn't fit on the cake (just too many elements).  Lets chalk it up to another learning lesson for cake designing.  

 I couldn't have finished it without Sam's help, but time flies when get to do something you love, and between the both of us we did total a little over 21 hours of pure joy together.  The real work is clean up, yucky!!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Aspen's Pupcake

This is the people cake for Miss Aspen's 11th birthday party!
Katie orders another cake for her puppy Aspen's 11th birthday.  The bone cake is a lemon cake made for the people invited to the party.  the cake was filled with homemade marionberry jam and topped with lemon butter cream.  All the decor is sculpted from fondant and I made a cartoon image of Aspen begging for the big dish of kibble.

 6 pupcakes filled with carrots,  peanut butter and a touch of honey were made to satisfy the birthday girl and her other K9 guests. Peanut butter frosting tops the pupcakes for a tasty birthday treat for Aspen and Bailey to share.

The birthday girl~ASPEN!

Pupcakes  for the dogs, but I tasted one and it wasn't bad!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Barbi's Modern Butterfly


Favorite elements on this cake are the butterflies and the ruffle flower.

 This cake was ordered for one of my co-workers sister, Barbi for her 50th birthday.  It is a three layer lemonade cake with lemon curd filling and lemon cheesecake mousse.  The frosting is vanilla  Swiss meringue buttercream.   The colors are a variation of lavender and purple chevron ruffles. I made a ruffled fantasy flower and some embossed butterflies as designed by Loree.

I added a few mini flowers and molded her name and age with fondant.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Triplet Birthday Splash

This cake was ordered for three lucky little kids that were having a private birthday party at the water slides in Ashland.  Mom wanted it to replicate the water slides.

Each child took me 30 mins to make, but I enjoyed every second of it!

The two young men came with Mom to pick up the cake and the youngest,
Nico said, "I can't stop looking at the cake, it's so cool!" I really couldn't ask for a better response!
These three cakes were made gluten-free vanilla and one chocolate.  I made all the children by hand with MM fondant.  Each birthday child had their own cake and names on each.  I made the slides from cake flower formers and made the sign with gum paste written with an edible paint pen. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Loves me, Loves me Not

Kim made all the cupcakes for her co-worker, but wanted to incorporate some pink, so I suggested flowers. They were all hand-made from 2 shades of pink~ "blush & bashful". My sister had to come help me with all my projects this week and she cut-out 144 daisy petals total and I assembled them the next day.  They turned out darling!  I also made the bow and ribbons to hang from the top of the cupcake stand, so feminine!
I think we should make these for the next tea party.
My nieces from Cali are so creative, they'll love it.