Saturday, July 20, 2013

Aspen's Pupcake

This is the people cake for Miss Aspen's 11th birthday party!
Katie orders another cake for her puppy Aspen's 11th birthday.  The bone cake is a lemon cake made for the people invited to the party.  the cake was filled with homemade marionberry jam and topped with lemon butter cream.  All the decor is sculpted from fondant and I made a cartoon image of Aspen begging for the big dish of kibble.

 6 pupcakes filled with carrots,  peanut butter and a touch of honey were made to satisfy the birthday girl and her other K9 guests. Peanut butter frosting tops the pupcakes for a tasty birthday treat for Aspen and Bailey to share.

The birthday girl~ASPEN!

Pupcakes  for the dogs, but I tasted one and it wasn't bad!

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