Friday, June 28, 2013

Loves me, Loves me Not

Kim made all the cupcakes for her co-worker, but wanted to incorporate some pink, so I suggested flowers. They were all hand-made from 2 shades of pink~ "blush & bashful". My sister had to come help me with all my projects this week and she cut-out 144 daisy petals total and I assembled them the next day.  They turned out darling!  I also made the bow and ribbons to hang from the top of the cupcake stand, so feminine!
I think we should make these for the next tea party.
My nieces from Cali are so creative, they'll love it.

Providence Celebrates You!

Bottom tier is carrot cake and top tier is white velvet

The top tier is filled with homemade white chocolate mousse and organic strawberry jam.  The bottom tier is filled with neufchatel cheese frosting and smeared with a generous amount of apricot-pineapple marmalade.

We have so many employees at Providence that love what they do and we have recognized  our co-workers with a special treat for their milestone anniversaries.

Corey's Fishing Hole

This cake was ordered for a fisherman for his 29th birthday.

The cake is German Chocolate with walnut coconut filling and buttercream frosting.
The fish are RKT covered in fondant and hand-sculpted. Fondant rocks, reeds, name cut from a wood textured fondant.  Had to have some help from my sister, Sandy this week and she knocked these rocks out with a little striated detail for a more realistic look. (Her idea, she loves science and teaches 6th grade)

I'm starting to enjoy making these bad boys, the are so comical and I love the colors. Not bad for my second attempt.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Heidi's Passion~Sheba Digs Kody

This cake was commissioned by Heidi's husband Dan for her birthday. He said" She usually wants Key Lime pie but this year she wanted Strawberry Cake with White Chocolate Mousse filling.  Heidi loves her dogs and I hope I did justice to her sweethearts.  Kody is waiting for her to come home and Sheba is digging to China.
Everything was hand sculpted fro fondant except for the collar and the ring.  I even made a tree in the backyard from ice cream cone, but it remains unseen to camouflage my half dog body. (Telling secrets! Every cake has it's own secret really!!)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


This cake was commisioned by my co-worker for her sister's graduation from Nursing school.  Angie has been working on her RN degree for a long time and Katie says she deserves a special cake.  Katie said she chose the flavor because it is her birthday, but I did make Katie a mini cake of her own.
Congratulations Angie!
This cake has some special elements to it, the fondant needle, stethoscope and band-aids made from fondant and the hand-cut nurse logo. 

Love my bandaids and stethoscope.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Hoot for Katie

Katie's own mini birthday cake
I made this cake for my co-worker Katie. She commissioned a special cake for her sister's Nursing graduation and forfeited her own birthday cake for her sister. I decided they both can have a cake, so I made this miniature 2-tier 3" and 4" layer vanilla cake. It has swiss meringue buttercream. The tree and all the decor is made from fondant.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Chris~Tornado to Beaver

Chris has graduated from North Medford and is heading to OSU.

 This cake was the brainchild of one of my co-workers, Carol. She said she wanted a graduation  cake for her grandson that was like a road from Medford to Corvallis. I created a demographic of this cake design and she said "Let's do it!"

All the details are handmade from fondant and the frostings are all buttercream.  The bottom layer was my milky way the top tier was Oreo cookie cake.

The Beaver sign and Benny is what I take the most pride in for this cake.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kit Kat Kake

Commissioned for my friend for her co-worker.
 This is a carrot cake with cream cheese buttercream frosting. It was very delicious, but the cream cheese frosting is not a decorator icing so it was rather simplistic in design. I did sculpt this leopard for my first time. It's only a 6" layer cake, it just look so much bigger.

Danny's Korral

Silhouettes were hand-cut, I love how they look on this cake.

This cake was commissioned by the lady, Heidi for whom I made the sunflower cake. She said her husband specifically asked for one of my cakes and requested carrot cake in a Western theme. I was so flattered so this is what I designed for him.  The branding iron is his initials. I also added a silhouette on the left side of the cake of a running horse, but I didn't take any photos of that. This was a cake after my own heart I am a real cowgirl deep down inside.

My Favorite project was the skull.
All elements are edible and hand-crafted from fondant. The bale of hay is yellow cake smothered in buttercream and coconut.