Monday, October 15, 2012

Isaiah the Super Hero

Seeing Isaiah's face was well worth it!
This creation was such a joy to make. It is truly my first fondant only cake and I am so proud of the outcome. I do wish the fondant was more stable, it did try to bubble as the vibration of the 20 mile car ride made the cake settle a bit. We are our worst critics, right? But I believe that is how we manage to do better, create more, and take our art to the highest level.

Bottom tier was Oreo cookie with fudge filling and more crushed Oreos. Middle tier was my version of peanut butter cup; peanut butter fudge marble cake with fudge filling. The top tier made especially for Isaiah was his favorite dessert pumpkin pie. The cake was pumpkin spice cake and filled with homemade pumpkin custard. The entire cake was frosted under the fondant with vanilla-white chocolate buttercream.

All the fondant pieces were handcut and pre-made the night before. The total hours on the cake, from prep, baking, icing and design was 15 hours. I will admit I was a bit tired from all the baking this weekend, but it is always so much fun to create a one-of-a-kind cake that brings such great pleasure to those who receive them. As soon as I had my nap, I was ready to create another one!!