Saturday, October 12, 2013

Haddie's Cupcake Birthday

These cupcakes are all strawberry with vanilla mousse cheesecake filling and a Swiss Meringue vanilla buttercream.  The giant cupcake was Haddie's smash cake made of banana and strawberry mousse filling.  All the candies and cherries were handmade from fondant. My favorite decoration to make was the embossed ribbon and the curly 1.  So cute!!

There is a story behind these sweet cakes. I finished all the decorations and all the cakes were ready for frosting, so as I was in the middle of whipping the meringue we LOST power. I had to text the slightly frazzled baby mama who ordered the cake that there is a minor challenge and I will have it there by 3pm no matter what.  Sooo, I live in town and I called all my relatives around Rogue River to find out who has electricity. No answer from anyone, so I packed my half whipped frosting still in the bowl still attached to my Kitchenaid and took it all for a ride to my Mom's house 2 miles away.  No luck; no power! Then just before I left Mom's house, I got a call from my niece who only lived 1 mile away and she said she has power!!! Wahoo! I ran over there, jumped out of the car hugging my beastly kitchenaid in my arms with a pound and a half of butter and Voila!  Swiss Meringue vanilla buttercream was created. I zipped home, texted party mom with details and finished the rest of the cakes by candlelight. Wheewww! Just in time....

Baby Haddie enjoying her Chunky Monkey cake. 

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