Monday, January 20, 2014

Bailey loves her Seahawks

 Hat box Seahawk's cake was made for the humans to celebrate Bailey's (border collie) birthday, but I did make pupcakes for the dogs that are peanut butter, carrot & apple. 

Bailey & Aspen approve the cake
Cake is covered in buttercream and all decor is fondant. Katie helped design this cake my favorite element is bailey of course, but I also love the look of the polka dot ribbon.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Aidan's Monster Truck #4

 Aidan is an Oreo monster that loves his big trucks. The cake is Oreo cookie with fudge ganache filling with Oreo crumbs.  I made a buttercream frosting and a fudge buttercream frosting for the cupcakes.  The decorations were all made from fondant. The monster truck on top was sculpted from RKT and covered in fondant. 

Aidan loved his truck and cake, which made the 8 hours of caking well worth the effort. He's such an angel.