Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gavin Surfin' Monkey

This was commissioned for a young man Gavin whose birthday is in April but he likes to wait until the Summer to celebrate since he loves the sun and season so much.  His generous Auntie Loree, ordered this cake for Gavin with a tropical theme.
This cake is a double layer chocolate hexagon filled with dark chocolate  mousse and covered in vanilla butter cream. The sand is leftover vanilla cake crumbs and mixed with brown sugar.  The top cake is a 3 layer Chunky Monkey banana cake with mini chips and filled with chocolate nougat.  All decor is edible amd made with fondant.  The wave on top is sculpted from RKT and covered with gumpaste for stability.  It is all frosted with vanilla butter cream for the waves.  I created Gavin buried in the sand relaxing under edible palm trees with gumpaste and fondant.  The monkey was handmade from chocolate fondant and his banana board was cut from fondant and hand painted.  

This by far is my favorite boys cake I have made, my favorite creation has to be the monkey and Gavin in the sand.  The palm trees were a bit fussy but I do think they turned out great. 

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