Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Twiggy Wedding

I love these natural beauties.
My daughter-in-law, Kristi gave her co-worker, Chauncie my business card. When I received the call for an order for this wedding cake by Chauncie and her husband, Aaron, the couple requested a tasting. I gave them 5 choices and brought it all to the house. The unique and coolest part of this story is that Chauncie and Aaron decided their 5 kids will get to pick the flavors. Chauncie let them all taste each flavor and comment on which were their favorites. S'Mores cake was on top, cookies and cream in the middle tier and peanut butter & fudge marble for the bottom.

The bride & groom decided on the vanilla buttercream frosting overall and Chauncie liked the idea of putting twigs & burlap ribbon on it for a natural touch.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Baby Ellee-Shower

Everything on the cake was handmade except for the pink ribbon on the middle tier.  I love the colors and of course Ellie was fun to make as well. The cakes were white velvet with creamy lemon mousse and fresh lemon curd filling; hence the blowout in the second tier (I guess I was a little too generous with the mousse).  The bottom tier is a kids favorite, cookies & cream cake with cookies &cream filling.  All in all a darling cake which was delicious.

*Side note: Delivering cakes is the most stressful part of the cake.  Even though you drive in a subzero SUV, on the smoothest part of the roads, take speed bumps like its a mountain terrain and turn corners as if your own grandma was in the car; its still cake. Cake is fragile and no matter what the circumstances are, so you will always need to carry a repair kit.