Morsels About Me

My favorite past time!

I decided to take cake decorating classes when I realized I wanted to make cakes pretty as well as tasty.  After we planned my daughter's wedding and sifted through all the cake vendors, I discovered that although the wedding cakes may be beautiful, few were made from scratch. I decided as a competitive baker, I need to make my cakes LOOK as good as they TASTE. I took Evelyn's cake decorating class and these cake designs are what I refer to as my "Novice Cakes". Hopefully you can see what I see as I am slowly improving each design as I create one after another.
My dream one day is to allow my passion for baking lead me to a time in my life, where I would eventually make cakes & cupcakes professionally.  Every time I finish one cake, I can't wait to create the next one.


  1. WOW, Lora you have a talent there girl. They are beautiful. Hope your dream comes true for you.They look very professional to me.........Marty

  2. Looks to me that you are well on your way to becoming a professional. I looked at all you cakes and they are beautiful. Looks as though your dream will come true if you continue with it. Always Marty

  3. Her cakes ARE as delicious as they are beautiful!! I've been able to experience several of her delicious beauties.

    Loree (a very fortunate co-worker)

  4. My Summer Owl was spectacular and such a beautiful and delicious ending to my time here at Providence. Thank you ever for much for sharing your creativity with all of us who gobbled it up!
    Blessings, Summer

  5. Just seeing all of these beautiful and whimsical cakes, I am so glad I chose you to make Edan's 5th Birthday cake while he is here in the US of A! The first one we have gotten to be a part of too!


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