Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sherylin's Rustic Rose

Photo by Sandra Mortinson
Photo by Sandra Mortinson
Such an honor to make a cake for our two best friends for their wedding.  I was able to consult with Sheryl to determine favorite desserts and styles, but she basically gave me creative license.  And Kevin made the slab a wood with a little help from Mother Nature. 

The flavors for the bottom tier were inspired by Kevin's favorite dessert, Apple Pie. I made fresh apple cake with a caramel~rum filling.  The middle layer was a lemonade cake with homemade fresh lemon curd filling and the top tier was White Velvet with Raspberry Cheesecake filling.

You can see this 3 tier could easily feed over 100 people, but I am so happy to report it was devoured by 44 leaving the top layer for the Bride & Groom. The favorite's were the lemonade cake from the bride's side and apple pie cake on the groom's side.