Friday, January 8, 2016

Kyle & Cory Crescendo Cake

This cake was commissioned by my sister's teaching colleague Cory. Her husband is an entrepreneur and they are the owners of Crescendo: Limoncello, Arancello & Limecello.  All Three products are incorporated into three tiers of this cake.
Crescendo Organic Spirits


Happy 60th Anniversary Mom & Dad


Happy 60th Anniversary Mom & Dad. They both love simple flavors. This cake was vanilla with a lemon curd/lemon mousse filling. The frosting was a vanilla buttercream.  

I bought the edible picture from FairymomsEdibles on Etsy.

Roses are Red Diva Cake

This cake was made for an acquaintance recommended by her friend. The cake is chocolate, red velvet and vanilla buttercream.  All the roses were handmade and the scroll work on the sides is all done in buttercream.

The bride referred to her husband-to-be as "the Diva" and he wanted things to be perfect. When I delivered the cake he was still decorating in his white tuxedo and making arrangements with flowers and the carpet.   It was so sweet to see how much he cared about the wedding details for his bride! She's got a keeper.  Congratulations!