Monday, November 17, 2014

Chris and Leann Naked Nuptials

 "Naked" cakes are cakes without frosting on the outside. The cakes had four different flavors, four different fillings. Bottom is chocolate fudge, then lemonade, the second tier was chocolate covered strawberry inspired and the top tier was fresh strawberry shortcake. The bride brought fresh flowers to match the rest of her decor. They also requested fresh berries to add to the natural theme.

 The topper was an antique that was used by her grandparent's wedding.  You may see cupcakes in the background, I also made 5 dozen cupcakes chocolate and lemon blueberry. 

Holley Woodland Cake

 Another girly cake: one of my favorite's. This was made for my co-worker Katie in honor of her baby shower.  It is a lemon cake with blackberry filling and fluffy vanilla buttercream. The fawns were hand-cut from fondant. The garland is made of handmade ribbon roses and mini pansies.


The fluffy peony took me about 2 hours. It is made of 40 center wrapped petals, 10 medium cupped blossoms and 8 large cupped blossoms floral-taped together.  It was lightly dusted with pearl dust to give it a touch of shimmer.

It's a Wizard! Bodhi

Baby Harry was hiding under an invisibility cloak (Not pictured) to use as a gender reveal baby cake.

Hedwig is molded RKT (rice krispies treat) covered in 100+ fondant feathers and took me about 3 hours. The spell book was also RKT covered and sculpted and since the letters were hand-cut it also totaled over 2  hours of labor. It brings back all my childhood memories with playdough; so much fun.  The sorting hat is solid hunk of fondant that was hand-sculpted and dusted with black pearl dust.  For non-Potter enthusiasts the dangling objects are" winged keys" which I made from a key mold and a butterfly plunger.  All decoration are edible except of course the dangling wires.

The cake flavor  was a gluten-free, egg free chocolate cake that was more like a "decadent brownie with caramel filling" per customer Nicole.