Friday, November 18, 2016


This was a first for me- black piping on white cake- it was a bit stressful because there is no room for error. I made the pattern from an inspiration piece and added brushed embroidered black flowers for texture and elegance. The cake is pumpkin spice with a baked pumpkin cheesecake filling for the top and bottom tier. The middle tier was cookies and cream filled with fudge ganache.  I made the purple flowers and rose leaves from fondant and gumpaste.

The groom had some input in this cake design he just wanted it to be square. I believe the main reason I got this order was because I agreed to make the filling pumpkin cheesecake, which is his favorite dessert.

Side note: During the tasting the bride revealed she doesn't eat cake, but she tasted all the flavors and actually said she enjoyed it.  I was thrilled to win her over.


 This cake was ordered by my co-worker Anna for her friend, Dianna for a special birthday. She gave me mostly creative license said to make the flowers pretty, Fall and plenty of red. The cake is spice cake with a vanilla buttercream filling. I used my new Russian piping tips to create these flowers and I think they turned out very nice. I love making flowers buttercream, royal and fondant.


Cutest boy ever!!

Rome didn't know a lot of words but he managed this sentence all day long! He wanted a peanut butter chocolate cake. I made the moon from a half ball pan and the layer cake is chocolate and peanut butter filling. We made sugar cookies of his name and Avi decorated them for him. We stayed at a Suite in Pismo Beach so the kids could swim and play on the grounds.  It
was so much fun!