Friday, July 31, 2015

Goodbye Tension; Hello Pension!

I love beach cakes.  This was ordered by my frequent flyer Sheryl for her boss' retirement.  She came up with the design and clever sign too.

It's all pretty self explanatory, all the decorations are edible. I made the buttercream frosting to look like waves and the sand is made from a mixture of turbinado sugar (for sheen), vanilla cake crumbs and a few chocolate cake crumbs.

Barb loves to read, sipping on her iced tea, sitting by the ocean; I think I managed to capture all of that.

R&N~Vintage Brush Embroidery Wedding Cake

*Brushed Embroidery and Ivory Sugar Peonies & Roses*

This wedding cake was promised to a special friend of mine.  My BFF's son and daughter-in-law were engaged over a year ago and I said I would like to make their wedding cake. 
The whole cake was covered in vanilla buttercream frosting made with real butter and heavy cream. The bottom layer was White Velvet (vanilla) with vanilla cheesecake and triple berry filling. The third tier was a lemon with lemon curd and the top 2 tiers were chocolaty. 

I made all the sugar paste flowers by hand and it took approximately 14 hours. The technique of brushed embroidery is simply a royal icing piped onto the cake and brushed with a paint brush to mimic the look of lacy applique.   The cakes were quite a baker's chore, with all four cakes having different fillings and different flavors.  A Labor of LOVE!

The cake sits on a white shabby painted board covered in sheer lace to meld with the vintage look of the decor. 

Braggers notes: Skip this section if you don't want to read me brag.  
I sat at a different table toward the end of the evening and a couple that I do not know sat down next to my husband and I.  They each had a different piece of cake and before the man sat down he took a bite of the white velvet cake and she took a bite of her lemon cake and they both said at the same time, "You've got to try this cake!". Then they both turned to us and asked if we had tried it. I politely said yes. The woman then commented to her husband and replied, "This is probably the best cake I have ever tasted".  My husband couldn't stand it any more and he burst out and pointed at me and said, "She made it!!! 

*This photo does not show the detail of the embroidery on the side of the cake. (I will update as soon as the bride shares her wedding photos with me).  

Bobbin' on his new Bike at 65

This was created for my dear friend at work whose husband has been rather sick. But when he got home to recuperate he was able to celebrate his birthday with his family & this cake.  His wife said he just bought a new bike and would love for me to replicate it. She sent me pictures and I made a template.  Viola! 
I really don't remember the details about the cake. I know it was chocolatey. The bike is handmade from fondant and the frosting was edged with butteream frosting and I used a wave technique to make it look like a tire tread.