Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Elizabeth & Jason Take the Plunge

This wedding cake is a chocolate lover's dream. The top tier is peanut butter-fudge marble with peanut butter mousse filling. It's truly a crowd-pleaser.
The middle tier is fudge cake with chocolate mocha mousse. The bottom tier is a vanilla-fudge marble with homemade bittersweet chocolate mousse.  They are all slathered in real "butter"cream frosting and then blanketed in a supreme vanilla  fondant.

The orchids were made from gumpaste and hand dusted in pearl dust to create the unique colors of the wedding.  The labor for all the flowers took a total of 12 hours and three days to create with proper amount of drying and molding. That would be about an hour a flower. I made extra which was a good idea since I  managed to break 2 of them at the reception.

 I did cover the cake board with a fondant edge and rolled a design into it. I dusted it with pearl dust to give it a finished look. The ribbons and peacock feathers were real. I cannot claim the star of this cake because it goes to the topper, it was a hit!

Kate's Birthday Blossoms

This cake was commissioned by co-worker Susan for her daughter's birthday. She wanted a Springy cake and said she would like to replicate the blossom tree she looks at in her backyard. The pink flowers and leaves were handmade from gumpaste.  The branches were created with chocolate fondant.  They sit on aqua buttercream frosting.  The cakes are an 8" bottom tier and 6" top tier.