Thursday, April 7, 2016

Baby Ellee-Shower

Everything on the cake was handmade except for the pink ribbon on the middle tier.  I love the colors and of course Ellie was fun to make as well. The cakes were white velvet with creamy lemon mousse and fresh lemon curd filling; hence the blowout in the second tier (I guess I was a little too generous with the mousse).  The bottom tier is a kids favorite, cookies & cream cake with cookies &cream filling.  All in all a darling cake which was delicious.

*Side note: Delivering cakes is the most stressful part of the cake.  Even though you drive in a subzero SUV, on the smoothest part of the roads, take speed bumps like its a mountain terrain and turn corners as if your own grandma was in the car; its still cake. Cake is fragile and no matter what the circumstances are, so you will always need to carry a repair kit.

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