Monday, November 17, 2014

It's a Wizard! Bodhi

Baby Harry was hiding under an invisibility cloak (Not pictured) to use as a gender reveal baby cake.

Hedwig is molded RKT (rice krispies treat) covered in 100+ fondant feathers and took me about 3 hours. The spell book was also RKT covered and sculpted and since the letters were hand-cut it also totaled over 2  hours of labor. It brings back all my childhood memories with playdough; so much fun.  The sorting hat is solid hunk of fondant that was hand-sculpted and dusted with black pearl dust.  For non-Potter enthusiasts the dangling objects are" winged keys" which I made from a key mold and a butterfly plunger.  All decoration are edible except of course the dangling wires.

The cake flavor  was a gluten-free, egg free chocolate cake that was more like a "decadent brownie with caramel filling" per customer Nicole.

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