Monday, June 16, 2014

Breathe Laugh Repeat

This cake was order as a very small wedding cake for 6 people in the beginning. So basically the top. Then the bride to be decided they wanted to invite their closest friends so she redesigned it.  The top is a rosette buttercream frosted chocolate cake which is gluten-free. The bottom cake is 4 layers of chunky monkey and chocolate fudge smeared with a generous dose of fudge ganache also gluten free. The bottom cake is a relica of birch stump made from buttercream and ganache.  The doves were hand-sculpted from gumpaste.  The Dahlia was also created with sugar paste and several steps of molding and drying.  3 nights of creation and about an 90 minutes of hands-on labor (of love).

Nicole loved the idea of fiddle heads and ferns, I added the mushrooms.  She has a personal story that included the phrase breathe-laugh-repeat and wanted that incorporated onto the cake.  I asked if she would like it to sit on a vintage cake stand or a slab of rustic bark? It just so happens two nights before delivery we had to cut down my favorite crooked willow and I asked the tree man to please cut me some cake platters-hence the cake stand!

I don't really have a favorite element.  I loved making everything since I also love the great outdoors, but if I did it would have to be the pair of doves. I believe I stressed enough about them that after a few prayers, I let the Lord guide my hands. I love how porcelain they look. Next would be the dahlia, I can't wait to make another cake.  Bring it on!

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