Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Danny's Korral

Silhouettes were hand-cut, I love how they look on this cake.

This cake was commissioned by the lady, Heidi for whom I made the sunflower cake. She said her husband specifically asked for one of my cakes and requested carrot cake in a Western theme. I was so flattered so this is what I designed for him.  The branding iron is his initials. I also added a silhouette on the left side of the cake of a running horse, but I didn't take any photos of that. This was a cake after my own heart I am a real cowgirl deep down inside.

My Favorite project was the skull.
All elements are edible and hand-crafted from fondant. The bale of hay is yellow cake smothered in buttercream and coconut.

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  1. This cake is more than fun it represents a way of life it took me home and it taste as wonderful a it looks Lora takes pride in every step of her cakes and they are fun and tasty too thank you so much Lora for Making such a wonderful cake for Us, Heidi and I loved this cake both in looks and taste thank you so much


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