Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bev's Soaking in the Vino

This cake was the brain-child of my sister Sandy, she's been making cakes since the 90's.  Her expertise is cupcakes she loves to spoil the teachers at work with her creations. So, I had to show our combined talents.

This was a 3 tier cake with a yummy filling. (Can you tell I have no idea what it was, I don't really remember).  Oh yeah, apple pie cake!

Sandy brought a bird bath that had a wood impression on the inside.  We used it to make a wood like impression on the fondant and then we painted the slats with brown coloring and let them dry (apparently not long enough, she said they flopped over).  It looks good in this picture that's all that counts. The top of the cake was covered in buttercream straw which we used a grass tip and piped the cake so you wouldn't see the cake below the sugared (real) grapes we dipped, rolled and dried.  

The picture doesn't do our sculpture justice, she is pretty cute (suppose to be Bev, not bad for our first attempt to sculpt).  Of course the letters were pressed from fondant and the numbers were hand-cut.  

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