Sunday, June 10, 2012

Malena: Bug

This darling cake was my first commissioned cake for a one year old lady, Malena.

Lady Bug covered in homemade fondant.
The #1 was hand-cut from chunky fondant and candy dots were glued with piping gel. 
Bow was imprinted with floral impression onto fondant and hand sculpted.
The cake is all homemade from scratch. The top layer is confetti white velvet cake and was made especially for Malena to eat herself.  The second tier is 2 layers of white velvet and 1 fresh strawberry. It was filled with french vanilla cheesecake and glazed with strawberry syrup. The bottom layer was 1 layer of my mom's fudge cake and 1 layer Kona Mocha cake(acquired by Tina) and filled with chocolate Marshmallow Mousse.  The frosting was a rich vanilla butter cream.  I totaled 13 hours on this cake and loved every minute of it!
The finale!


  1. This by far the cutest cake I have ever seen! Is the lady bug the top layer? Did the black fondant turn her mouth all black? Regardless, it's the most adorable cake! You have quite the gift!

  2. Yes everything was edible except the antennas. The bug was dedicated to the baby only and her Mom did not tell me if she got all black, probably not she only ate the body.


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