Monday, June 25, 2012

Avila: Christening Celebration

Avila's 3~Tier Christening Cake

Avila's cake took approximately 12 hours from start to finish.  The bottom tiers are 9" and 12" rounds and the top tier is a 6" hexagon.  The cakes are vanilla with strawberry cheesecake filling which I am starting to discover is a crowd favorite.  The bottom and top tiers were alternate layers of chocolate and kona mocha cake filled with fudge mousse.

The top tier has a fondant eyelet border that I cut with  a ruffle border and I poked holes in the top to make it look like eyelet lace.  I used real ribbon on top the eyelet to layer the look. The silk peony I used for the topper was a wedding flower Avila's mom and dad saved from their wedding.

The tiny polka dots are candy pearls placed on with tweezers.  I made the pearl border with a silicone fondant mold, then brushed with pearl dust. I purchased the beautiful acrylic cross from a hospital gift shop and it makes a perfect keepsake for the baby too.

The final layer was the most time consuming, but turned out just as planned.  The polka dots were hand-cut from white homemade fondant.  I like to cover the cake board in fondant it adds such a personal touch to the cakes.


  1. so are you still working your "day job" or are you working full time creating these beautiful works of art?

  2. Day job & thank you.


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