Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Minion Lucas turns 1!

First birthday cakes are the best! It's usually about the parents choices, but the babies are so lit up when they have their first party! 

This is my second minion cake. I have made a made a full size minion only cake a couple of years ago so I was pretty confidant to make a smaller version. The Minion on top is 3 layers of 4"chocolate cake with a 1/2 dome cake for the top.  He is covered in fondant and all the decorations are edible the hair, number 1 and even the goggle. 

Gramma Janine made the Minion mini cakes it is such a cute display. The base cake is a 9" cake with buttercream frosting the polka dots & letters are simply fondant shapes I cut out. 

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