Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Dream Big Hailey {1 of 3}

This cake is the first one of the three I made this week for my friend Sheryl for each of her grandkids: Hailey, Annie & Logan. 

Dream Big Hailey

The cake flavor she chose is a marble cake with fudge ganache, milk chocolate ganache and white chocolate ganache in a ombre-ish pattern on the sides. The cake was also dirty iced underneath the ganache with Chocolate Malted Buttercream.

This cake was  a surprise cake for the recipient and the grandmother, Sheryl said she wanted to be surprised too. I was commissioned to make a cake for my friend's 14 year old grand daughter and all she said was she likes pastels and wears Birkenstocks. Wow that was a challenge, so I decided to start searching for the latest trends in "Boho" designs. I decided on this dream catcher with sugar paste feathers dusted to look like watercolor. The cactus flower on top is a pretty coral color with a few more feathers to highlight the design. The cactus flower was labor intensive and took about 90 mins to completely make it, of course not including the 2 days drying time.  The 25 feathers I made took 1 day drying time, but I cut them from a leaf cutter and sliced the plumes with an exacto, only took about an hour or so.  The catcher was piped with chocolate ganache and the border was the turquoise buttercream. 

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