Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Annie's Zoo {2 of 3}

This little cutie was a creation made from Annie's vision. She wanted a zoo cake with a hippo, elephant, giraffe and monkey.  Sunday she asked to change it to a zebra cake but most of the decor was done so I had to keep on track due to making 2 other cakes as well.

She wanted a confetti cake and since I make all my cakes from scratch it was fun to seek a good recipe with Jimmies in it. Turned out delicious.  The outside was frosted in a new American buttercream (BC) recipe that turned out dynamite it'll be my new go to vanilla BC.  The cake has the animals safely in their habitats with Pirouline spiral cookies.  The sand is graham cracker crumbs and everything is edible on the cake.

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