Saturday, August 30, 2014

Minion Edan

My first Minion cake. I say "1st" because I know there will be more.

                             This little guy took a lot more time than intended. This is where experience will help me down the road unfortunately, I have to waste so much time and cake with these life lessons. But it is always worth the end result; a Happy Customer.

My lil minion took a total of 5 layers of cake. 4 - 6" round layers for the base and a 6" dome for the head. The first lesson is ONLY STACK 2 LAYERS at a time, then add dowels and a cake plate THEN  stack the next 2 layers. Lesson #1: Too much cake for such a tall cake always put cake plates between every 2 layers. Lesson #2:  Trial and error with my new fondant mat system.  With some help from my sister, I think we figured it out. 

 The flavors were chosen by the birthday boy; cake was chocolate fudge with a peanut butter fluff for the filling. Rave reviews and I am grateful. This cake was ordered from my former teacher that saw some of my cakes on Facebook and ordered this for her darling grandson.  It was so nice to be able to do this cake for her and Edan, and even more wonderful to see her again. Thanks, Nun.

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  1. I really appreciate all the time an effort you put into this cake with your dear sister, Sandy, it made a little 5 year old's heart sing...not to mention his tummy and all who got to enjoy every part of your effort!


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