Sunday, August 31, 2014

Coral Wedding Cake

 This cake has three tiers of chocolate marble with vanilla buttercream filling and a buttercream fondant covering.  The decor is obvious: coral satin ribbon, raffia and God's beautiful bounty of fresh flowers. I created little flower picks with cut straws to create a barrier between the cake and flowers. (Suggestion: From a Pinterest subscriber.)

My friend and co-worker Nicky had confidence enough in my ability, to refer me to her  doctor for a beautiful wedding cake. The only challenge in this cake was using my new fondant mat.  This  will take a bit of practice which I got plenty of on the bottom tier. I definitely couldn't have finished the fondant covering without my sister, Sandy's encouragement, brain cells and help. The bottom tier took about 3 tries.  I am building more confidence with each cake I cover in fondant thanks to "The Mat".

Wedding greeter: Charlotte casually hanging out.

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  1. One word describes this wedding cake...BEAUTIFUL!


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