Friday, August 22, 2014

Brooklyn's Lil Pony

This cake was made quite quickly.   My darling DIL, Kristi's little niece was having a birthday party on Saturday and she wanted me to help her make Brooklynn a cake.  Her Mom threatened to go to Walmart to get one, but Kristi nixed that idea and said my MIL and I can make one. So lickety split here she is.  The only downside was that we had to incorporate toy horses since we were in such a time crunch. I must admit they look adorable on the cake.
This is a chocolate marble cake layered to look like a zebra stripe (again, no photos I wasn't at the party so I couldn't shoot it).  The clouds were made from buttercream and marshmallow fluff to create lightness and shimmer to the cloudy look.  The sun was created with yellow fondant over a cookie and cut outs of the rays from a leaf cutter.  The rainbow was created also from fondant and squeezed thru my clay extruder to make even pipes then glued together and left to dry for 24 hrs. It needed more time but it stayed in place. All the flowers were punched out from a plunger cutter and pearls were added to the centers.  The ruffle was made with a rose tip from buttercream and the pearl border is white SIXLETS.  Yummmy and so satiny. The rainbow is my favorite element I can't wait to make another one. Maybe for a CareBear cake, hint hint~ someone? Anyone?

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